Digital Strategy Consulting

One of the most important facets of building and growing your business or presence online is the development of an effective Digital Marketing Strategy. The most common mistake companies make is to just rush headfirst into digital marketing. Cookie understands the importance of detailed research and planning that is required to get the most out of digital marketing in today’s world.

A critical foundation to any digital strategy is the identification and prioritization of key objectives and goals and we come up with optimum strategies to help market your brand and enable it at a paramount position in the market.

Marketplace Analysis

Marketplace or situation analysis is a key part of creating a digital marketing strategy. It includes these key areas for defining the future opportunity or potential for digital marketing.

Marketplace analysis can help you compete by becoming more customer-centred in your online marketing and helps you understand: How customers research and select your products. Research gathering insight on how users search and use social media will help you understand how you can gain visibility on search engines and with relevant influencers.

In modern marketing, it’s essential that situation analysis aim at summarizing an organizations online marketplace and its own performance to help devise or refine a digital marketing strategy.

Digital Acquisition Activities

The role of marketing is to give customers what they want at the point in time that they are most likely to buy a product or service.

Historically, customer data was collected through loyalty cards, allowing marketers to analyse basket contents. Now, through the use of cookies, tagging and social graph connections, the majority of a customer’s online journey can be tracked. This data allows a customer to be targeted based upon behaviour, rather than relying on previous purchase history, in real time; at a point where they’re most likely to make a purchase.

Many see the future of online retail, as using the digital platform to channel a customer’s purchasing journey by assessing their current and past online behaviour as well as their reaction to advertising.

Conversation Enhancement

Conversion marketing is measured by the conversion rate, which is the number of website visitors divided by the actual percentage of customers who have completed a transaction. Typically, conversion rates for electronic storefronts are very low, and conversion marketing can be a useful way to boost this number - and a storefront's revenues. Another reason for conversion marketing is to increase overall website traffic.

We help you achieve better conversion rates using advanced analytics, heat wave techniques, live chat, live calls etc.

Digital Engagement Consulting

Digital is at the heart of business—reshaping customer interaction, rewiring how work gets done, and potentially rewriting the nature of competition in some markets. Today’s digital technologies include mobile, social, and the web. The underlying intent is simple: using technology to design more compelling, personally relevant, engrossing experiences that lead to lasting, productive relationships, higher levels of satisfaction, and new sources of revenue driving digital engagement.

Cookie understands the commitment to content as a discipline, backed by a technical and operational backbone. This backbone enables the rapid creation, delivery, and curation of assets, personalized to the individual according to location, activity, historical behavior, and device or service.

Digital Asset Development

The exponential growth of digital assets in large and small organizations makes it more difficult to find what you need when you need it. It gives you secure, cost-effective control of digital assets throughout your organization, across multiple delivery channels and media platforms.

Cookie offers a comprehensive solution to manage and curate the entire digital asset lifecycle, putting digital media to work for your business. It achieves this by bridging creative, business and operational needs in a collaborative environment to connect people, processes and technology.

We build and maintain digital assets like websites, social media pages, digital properties such as videos, photographs etc.

Digital Media Planning & Optimization

When it comes to planning for digital marketing, you should have a toolbox of back-up plans but limiting your plan to only the top sites that appear in common research tools isn’t always the best way to deliver top results to the client.

At Cookie, we research the digital properties relevant to the audiences you’ve identified and target only those who are the potential consumers. Cookie helps you in smart planning, smart targeting, and provides you with the best tools in terms of relevant and powerful creative.

Advanced Analytics

The key to a successful marketing campaign or strategy is to have a well structured Digital Marketing & Measurement Model.

We can help you measure and optimize interactions with your target audiences across all digital channels. Using Web analytics and our digital measurement solutions, you’ll be able to create better online experiences and leverage cross‑channel relationships with your customers.

We show you how to transition from simple Web analytics to more customer-centric marketing. We can improve your brand through better search visibility and achieve customer segmentation by targeting known customer attributes, online clickstream behavior and offline profiling.

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